How to choose LED glass lampshade

There are many kinds of lamps and lanterns. The more energy-saving lamps and lanterns are led lamps and lanterns, which we use more. There are many kinds of LED lamps, common ones are led ceiling lamps, led table lamps, led spotlights, etc. different kinds of LED lamps have different decorative effects, scope of application, etc. LED lampshade is one of the accessories of LED lamp. It plays a very important role. It can make the light of LED lamp more concentrated and make LED lamp less dazzling. It is an important accessory. There are many materials for LED lampshades. Today, let's take a look at the purchase methods of LED glass lampshades.

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LED lampshade is a kind of LED accessories, which is to better gather the light, make the light more concentrated and softer, and avoid the direct glare of LED light. The main function of opal lampshade is to make the light softer and more uniform to the space without dazzling. Protect eyes and make lamps more suitable for their functions. And its light transmittance must be within a certain range, not to waste too much light in the cover, but also to enable light to be scattered to each space through the film, so that neither the internal light beads can be seen, but also the light can be diffused to the greatest extent.

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The qualified led glass lampshade has high light transmission, high diffusion, no glare, no light shadow; The light transmittance reaches 94%; High flame retardancy; High impact strength; Suitable for LED bulbs; Realize the conversion from point light source to spherical light.

The replacement of LED glass lampshade is relatively fast, and most of the lamps are carefully designed by designers. For lamps, there is no need to replace the whole lamp, just replace the external led glass lampshade . Therefore, it is a good choice to replace the LED glass lampshade if you want to change the environment.

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As long as you pay a little attention to the color, the white LED glass lampshade has good light penetration, which can be matched with the crystal base to create a crystal clear effect; Black and color are relatively poor in light penetration. They can radiate light downward to make local light stronger, which can be matched with the bronze base.

Choose the LED glass lampshade according to the shape of the lampholder. If the lampholder is curved, then the LED glass lampshade should choose the style with some curves. If the lampholder is flat and straight, choose a regular led glass lampshade. If the lampholder looks heavy, you can choose a conical led glass lampshade to reduce the sense of heaviness.

After using the LED glass lampshade for a period of time, it is not only covered by dust, but also exposed to light for a long time, causing the color to fall off. We can use these small methods to clean the LED glass lampshade at the details to prolong the service life of the LED glass lampshade.

Post time: Jul-12-2022