Pink Household Glass Lampshade Cover Replacement For Ceiling Lamp

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Our glass lampshade using natural materials, under the action of glass lamp shade,light can achieve beautiful rich and colorful lighting effects. Glass lampshade can be filtered light bulb directly hair color, make the soft light and comfortable, and can create a warm romantic living atmosphere for the bedroom.The size and shape can be custom made totally basing on clients’ requirement.At present the high-end LED indoor lamps and lanterns have been using glass lamp shade.

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SIZE:7.2 x 7.1 x 7 

Syria's artisans invented glassblowing about two thousand years ago ,today, the glass art craftsmen are all over the world, hand blown glass art also gradually going into people's life, tasting of hand blown glass products is becoming more and more deeply. Hand blown glass flow linear modelling changeable, color rich fully, product is wonderful, this is the assembly line machine blown glass incomparable, looking from the glass lamp shade appearance,it has a very high ornamental and display. Hand blown glass sense of life arises spontaneously


Finish & Color:We can design according to customer size or drawing, the final form in accordance with customer demand glass lamp shade. Color can be made into a transparent, white marble, frosted glass, and other colors..Light fixture not included. Screws not included.

Dia meter 127mm,Height 90mm. Fitter 30mm.Blowing process and hand-blown so you can see their individuality in each product. 


Widely Used

Cut off the dust and oil for the light bulb, so there was no way to enter the dust and soot light bulb surface, can prolong the using time of the lamp

a glass lamp shade bulb shape, with threaded, convenient use, can be directly installed on the bulb.

A glass lamp shade bulb shape, with threaded, convenient use, can be directly installed on the bulb. Looking from the glass lamp shade appearance,it has a very high ornamental and display. Hand blown glass sense of life arises spontaneously


Q: How often you update your products?

A:We usually develop our products every month.

Q:what certificates you passed now?

A:We have CE,RoHS,and SGS

Q: What’s your mold opening lead time?

A:Usually simple designs usually takes about 7~10 days.A complexed designs will take 20 days around.

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